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DANEL Ltd. >> Rigid and Flexible Endoscopy

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Represented manufacturers:
Medetronic-vision Sciences
Riley Medical
Sunoptic - Cuda
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Country: Israel
City: Holon
Address: 4 Ha Nehoshet St.
ZIP: 58859
Phone 1: 972-(3)-6326353
Phone 2: 972-(52)-6208892
Fax: 972-(3)-7604369
Contact person 1: General Manager Ori Danel
No. of workers: 10

Our company deals mainly with endoscpy and related equipment. We are the exclusive distributor in Israel for several leading international companies among them ACMI and MEDETRONIC (former VISION SCIENCES line of ENT endoscopy products). Our specialty is endoscopy. We specalize on entering new products to the Israeli market, so if you are looking for a distributor for the Israeli market please do not hesitate to contact us. We will make all efforts necessary to make your product a story of success.

DPU-5000 Video Processor Series (GI)

(Vision Sciences)
The DPU-5000 Series of compact, Video Digital Processors provides
vibrant, sharp, CCD based, Mini HD imaging with a FULL SCREEN picture.
Designed to fit the hospital, clinic or office practice, and available in
four versions:

Light-weight processor to work with your existing imaging equipment
Light-weight processor with integrated air insufflation for esophagoscopy
Light-weight processor with integrated LCD Display, perfect for the
   office practice
A deluxe light-weight processor with integrated LCD Display and Air
   Insufflation; a complete,cost-effective system for any healthcare setting

DPU-5000 Video Processor Series

  • Mini HD Technology
  • Full Screen Presentation
  • Optional 15 LCD Display
  • Optional Air Insufflation Control
  • Dynamic Image Enhancement
  • Pure White LED Illumination
  • Full Stroboscopic Support
  • Portable Image Archiving
  • Add-On Camera Support
  • Programmable Settings
  • Optional Foot Pedal Controls


Gain Control
Brightness Control
Image Enhancement Control
Image Freeze with Picture-in-Picture
Image Orientation Controls
Full Stroboscopic Support

Image Presentation : Full Screen
Illumination System : LED Control
Formats : NTSC/PAL
Outputs : S-Video (2), RGBS (1), Composite (1), SD Card (1)

DANEL's Professional Library / User's Information

1. ENT Laryngoscope User's Manual

Fields of activity
    Electromedical equipment/Medical technology

         Surgical Instruments
          Scissors, forceps
          Other general surgical instruments and equipment
          Plaster saws and shears (including electrical)
          Instruments for bone surgery, fracture treatment and repair
          Bone rasps, elevators, dissectors
          Bone burs
          Bone saws
          Drills, hand drills
          Implantable catheters and long- term access systems (port systems)
          Instruments and apparatus for abdominal and general surgery
          Instruments for hand and plastic surgery
          Instruments for ENT surgery
          Instruments for tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
          Instruments for pharynx, larynx and trachea
          Nasal instruments and rhinometers
          Irrigation and suction instruments for catheter surgery
          Instruments for the minimal- invasive surgery, MIS

         Fibre optics for medical technology
          Orthopaedic implants and prostheses

         Patient monitoring systems/Measuring stations
          Monitoring equipment for displaying heart rate, respiratory rate and ECG
          Premature baby monitoring equipment
          Telemetry systems

         Sterilisation and disinfection equipment
          Sterilisation apparatus

         Sterilisation accessories
          Accessories for sterilising systems and sterilisation
          Sterile goods packaging and sterilisation indications
          Supply and disposal systems for sterile goods, containers

         Technical equipment management

    Medical Furniture and Equipment

         Furnishing/Equipment for examination and treatment rooms
          Endoscopy furniture
          ENT examination and operation chairs
          Other examination chairs
          Instrument cabinets, dressing cabinets, poisons cabinets

         Equipment and apparatus for wards and examinations
          Holding devices

    Organization Status

         Israeli Organization

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 DvFlashPakMedium9020-9050Riley Medical
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