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Think-Tech Center

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Country: Israel
City: Kfar-saba
Address: Str. Rivka Guber 5/6
ZIP: 44471
Web URL:
Phone 1: 09 - 7651025
Phone 2: 054-3088239
Contact person 1: Dr. Alexander Chernobelsky

The Think-Tech Center created a Methodology of improving and perfecting technical systems adapted to the requirements of the Israeli market. Methodology is a science (like mechanics or physics), based on technology, not psychology. During the last 15 years the Center was involved in developing suitable solutions to problems raised by different High-Tech organizations within defense and consumer industries. Our customers list includes The Israel Military Industry, Tadiran, Rafael , Hanita , BAR-TAN, Tnuva, Oranit, the Academic Institutions ( Technion, Tel Aviv University, Shenkar ) as well as leading Biomedical Israeli Companies like Chemagis , MTRE , Ba’emek Advanced Technologies , Machteshim and others.
The Think-Tech Center invites the Biomedical Companies and Start-Ups, Hospitals and Clinics to cooperation in the field of developing and optimizing medical technologies and processes, and finding appropriate investors to your projects.

About manager:
Dr.Alexander Chernobelsky received his Ph.D in technology from nondestructive testing and published more than 80 scientific papers, two books and has 46 registered patents. He has more than 20 years of experience in research and development.
Dr. Chernobelsky served at different R&D departments at different managerial levels. During the last 20 years he dedicated himself to the development of the systematic innovetive thinking methology, solution to different technological problems and products.
Dr. Chernobelsky frequently teaches his method and new developments in numerous courses for engineers, scientists, inventors, investigators, teachers, students and other people with creative specialyties. He worked at the "Open University" and consultation office.

Products advertised by "Think-Tech Center"

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 SvConsultating and development
Consultating, planning and development of patentable solutions
 SvCourse 1
A course "Systematic Inventive Thinking and Technological Problems Solving"
 SvCourse 2
A course "Invention Engineering"
 SvCourse 3
A course "Systematic Inventive Thinking"
 SvEngineering advice
in a variety of fields, based on laws of development for technical systems
 SvSpecial Inventive Programs
Special programs to increase creative capabilities
 SvThe book ordering
The book "Systematic Inventive Thinking and Technological Problems Solving"