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Galls-dayna-med Medical Supplies
Nasco- Education & Training
Welch Allyn Monitor Defibrillator's
Member ID: c308

Country: Israel
City: Yakir(close By Barkanindustrial
Address: Doar Na Shomron
ZIP: 44843
Web URL:
Phone 1: 972-9-7923099
Phone 2: 972-54-5675651
Fax: 972-9-7923011
Contact person 1: Gross Zeev Ceo
Contact person 2: Zaid Haim Sales Manager
No. of workers: 10

Our three principles are:
Quality, professionalism, and service,
in accordance to the ISO 9001&BVQI international standards,
that are examined twice a year.
We specialize in pre-hospital treatment and EMS (emergency medical service).
Our broad knowledge was acquired after many years of practical paramedic and EMS experience,
Our outlook is the result of this practical knowledge.
We specialize in providing solutions for the man in the field, EMS team,
for example sets for surgery in the field.
We can completely equip ambulances and clinics,
from designated furniture to basic advanced instrumentation,
such as EKG ,SPO2, CO2,NIBP, and monitors.

Fields of activity
    Electromedical equipment/Medical technology

         Anaesthetic equipment
          Pharyngeal tubes (Guedel), laryngeal masks
          Tubing for anaesthesia and resuscitation
          Connectors, connecting pieces for anaesthesia and resuscitation
          Other Anaesthetic equipment

         Respiration equipment
          Respirators and accessories

         Imaging equipment
         Surgical Instruments
          Scissors, forceps
          Needle holders
          Surgical suture materials
          Suture removal sets
          Plaster saws and shears (including electrical)
          Ear instruments and otoscopes
          Eye irrigation bottles

         Diagnostic instruments and apparatus
          Percussion hammers, reflex hammers
          Stethoscopes and accessories
          Electronic pulse rate meters
          EEG monitoring and reproduction systems
          Electronic devices for measuring body temperature

         Infusion technology
          Syringe pumps
          Infusion pumps and ozone therapy equipment

         Inhaler and aerosol appliances
          Oxygen inhalation and drug nebulising equipment

         Ambulatory ECG recording and analysis equipment
          Computers for cardiac catheters, laboratories and monitoring
          Long- term ECG computers and analysers

         Patient monitoring systems/Measuring stations
          Monitoring equipment for displaying heart rate, respiratory rate and ECG

         Stimulation equipment for diagnostics/therapy
          Equipment for stimulation current therapy, interference current equipment

         Oxygen equipment
          Oxygenation equipment

    Rescue and emergency equipment

         First-aid equipment
          Mobile clinics
          Mobile medical practices
          Mobile hand hygiene equipment for field hospitals

         Rescue helicopters and aircraft
         Rescue equipment and appliances
          Emergency instruments
          Tracheal tubes
          Rebreathing bags
          Laryngoscopes, emergency bronchoscopes
          Respiration masks
          Suction catheters and units
          Chest drains

         Ambulances/rescue vehicles
          Patient bed- bed transfer equipment
          Patient conveyance seat belt systems
          Ambulances and accessories
          Hydraulically adjustable patient trolleys, adjustable- height patient trolleys
          Ambulance superstructures
          Patient loading equipment for ambulances
          Blood donor vehicles
          Special transport equipment

         Medical simulators and equipment


         Reagents/Devices/Systems Clinical Chemistry
          devices and systems for Glucose determination units
           mechanical Glucose determination units
           Home diagnostic kits for blood sugar and blood cholesterol

          Equipment and systems for urinary diagnosis
           Urinary test strips

    Commodities and consumer goods for surgeries and hospitals

         Doctors' cases, emergency cases
          Other requisites and sanitary goods for doctors and hospitals, especially doctor

         Incontinence and stoma aids
          Urine bags
          Intestinal stoma care system and bags
          Disposable towels and sheets

         Bandage materials
          Bandaging materials
          General bandaging materials
          Bandaging sets, operation sets
          Elastic bandages
          Tube bandages
          Stockinet bandages
          Netting bandages
          Plaster of Paris bandages
          Other bandages, dressings and accessories

         Dressings for wounds
          Instant wound dressings
          Wound covering/skin substitutes

          Bandage splints
          Finger splints

         Other medical products
          patient support systems
          Ice packs and heat packs

    Facility Management

         Transport systems
          Power and emergency power supply
          Power and emergency power generators
          Battery- charging installations
          Electrical regulation systems

         Express services - Logistics suppliers

    Premises and Building Technology

         Transport systems
          Transport trolleys
          Transport devices

    Services and Publications

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         Products +

    Organization Status

         Israeli Organization

Products advertised by "ZEV- FIRST AID CENTER INC. >> EMERGENCY LINE"

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    Product NameModelCat. NoManufacturerDescription
 Dv resurrection kitBLS-KIT6518ZEV FIRST AID
1 BP Unit 1 Stethoscope 1 Berman Airway Set 1 EMT Shears 1 Kelly Forceps
 Dv"Airway Larry" Adult Airway Mana"Airway Larry" Adult Airway MaLF03699UNASCO
The Life/form
Single sided chestpiece Non-chill rim & soft sealing eartips 27" overall len
 DvAdult Airway Management TrainerAdult Airway Management TraineLF03601UNASCO
Adult Airway Management Trainer with Stand Includes training stand to mount hea
 DvAdult Disposable Resuscitator wiAdult Disposable ResuscitatorMRLIN MEDICAL
Adult Disposable Resuscitator with Reservoir Bag
The small Biphasic AED instrument in the medical market, very easy to using wi
The unit demonstrates the latest advances in defibrillation technology and is d
 DvALS resuscitation KITALS resuscitation KITZEV FIRST AID
the same BLS kit with addition,Quality stainless steel Magill Forceps come in t
The Perfit ACE
This economical CPR manikin is constructed of soft, realistic vinyl plastic over
 DvCAREventHandheld Automatic Resuscitato01CV0500O-TWO Medical Technologies Inc
Trained individuals now have a safe, effective and inexpensive means of providin
 DvChild Airway Management TrainerChild Airway Management TraineLF03609UNASCO
A simulated head of an 8-year-old child featuring realistic size and anatomy. Pe
 DvComplete O2 Delivery SystemAluminum "D" O2 CylinderZEV FIRST AID
1 Aluminum
CPR Pen with Mouth to Mouth Face Shield - Blue Ink Studies repeatedly show the
 DvDeluxe CRiSisDeluxe CRiSisLF03955UNASCO
The Adult CRiSisҁ Manikins are Complete Resuscitation Systems with five st
 DvDinoLite EarscopeDinoLite EarscopeDinolite AM311H
portable and lightweighted digital otoscope that fit in the palm of your hand,
 DvECG MachineMS-80A Hand-Held Single ChannCMS-80A
■Input circuit : Floating ■Calibrating Voltage :1mV ?%
 DvECG-1101 Digital Single ChanneECG-1101CAREWELL
Simultaneously acquisition of 12-lead ECG data, IEC Class I, type CF safety stan
 DvECG-1103B Three Channel DigitaECG-1103BCAREWELL
Features Simultaneously acquisition of 12-lead ECG data, IEC Class I, ty
 DvECG-1103G Digital Three ChanneECG-1103Gcarewell
Features Digital three channel device with automatic measurement & interpret
 DvFiberoptic Laryngoscope BladesINDIA
The Fiberoptic blades are of stainless steel construction with satin non-glare f
 DvGallsGallsPT034DAYNA MED
The world's most versatile basket stretcher. Ideal for unusually rugged rescue s
 DvHead Wedge Disposable CIDHead Wedge Disposable CIDIE010DAYNA MED
When seconds count put your faith in the Head Wedge CID (Cervical Immobilization
 DvHeadFirstIE016DAYNA MED
Provides firm control of head movement and helps maintain proper cervical spine
Water resistant. Halogen Headlight Combo. Super bright halogen lamp and LEDs for
 DvInfant Airway Management TrainerInfant Airway Management TrainSB27346UNASCO
Infant Airway Management Trainer
 DvLaryngoscope Blades - DisposabINDIA
.The Disposable FO Laryngoscope come in your choice of Mac or Miller Blades. Th
 DvLaryngoscope SetLaryngoscope Set
This set includes three Miller blades (straight; #1, 2, and 4), three Macintosh
Now there is a manikin designed specifically to teach the theory, anatomy, and s
Stainless steel chestpiece Patented floating diaphragm design assures high aco
Highest performance Tunable diaphragm 27
 DvMegaCode Kid with Multi-SoundsMegaCode Kid with Multi-SoundsLG02145UNASCO
Pediatric male manikin, cast from a six-year-old child, designed to facilitate a
 DvMultiple Casualty Simulation KitSB01622UNASCO
Make first aid courses an unforgettable experience, and add realism to your trai
 DvNASCO Life/formLF03741UNASCO
Training for all eight AHA recommended AED training scenarios: 1) VF victim; pu
A space-saving and cost-effective simulator for those programs dedicated to the
 DvO2 - Regulatorsfor-D pin indexOXI-DDYNA MED
This new regulator from Dyna Med features the safety of brass with the dependabi
 AcOne piece fixed ECG Monitor CaThe new generation cableCHINA
new generation of ECG monitor one piece fixed cables released in the first mon
 DvPhiladelphia Adult Sized CervicaPhiladelphia Adult Sized CerviIE751DAYNA MED
This is one of the few collars in the field that has a pre-formed back that conf
The most innovative, reliable monitor/defibrillator/pacer available.
 DvPIC-40PIC-40Model 973092EWELCH ALLYN
Designed for a wide range of pre-hospital, hospital or primary care needs, the
 DvPIC-50PIC-50Model 971081EWELCH ALLYN
The Welch Allyn PIC 50 system, is the most innovative, reliable monitor/defibri
 DvSani-Baby is an economical, babySani-Baby is an economical, baSB26478UNASCO
Sani-Baby is an economical, baby-size manikin that has a disposable, sanitary, s
 Dvsimulators & adapterCS301USA
Symbio Corp simulators are exactly what trainers, medical professionals and manu
 DvSpine BoardsSB026DAYNA MED
A spine board you can depend on for a variety of situations. X-ray transluscen
 DvStandard Laryngoscope BladesINDIA
The Blades are of stainless steel construction with satin, non-glare finish tha
 DvStifNeckStifNeckIE745DAYNA MED
Available in six sizes, the Stifneck
 DvThe Combi-CotAMBULANCE-ER StretchersPT700DAYNA MEDF
The Combi-Cot
The inner structure is made of Polyethylene. The inner lining in Eva is washable
 DvWheelchairsWheelchairs PT011DAYNA-MED
Medline wheelchair design offers low maintenance and tough construction. Tubula