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Black & white video camera (Model: LIS - 700)
Manufacturer: APPLITEC LTD.

Black & white video camera LIS - 700
Product Type: Device

Description: Black & white video camera for low light imaging; Sharp, high quality image unde

Ideal for imaging, documentation and analysis of:

All types of gel electrophoresis and TLC
Chemical and biological fluorescence and chemiluminescence
Fluorescence and phase contrast microscopy
Quality assurance and in-process control

High quality images, under conditions of extreme low illumination
A high resolution CCD image sensor, combining expert video technology, electronics and optics, results in a high signal to noise ratio, sharp, clear and noise-free images and high sensitivity to weak light signals. The LIS-700 offers a cooled-camera performance with friendly, simple-to-use non-cooled system.

Extended integration capability under low light level - Internal frame memory
The camera's internal frame memory module allows stand-alone operations. This makes it possible to freeze the image for further analysis, documentation and high quality video printing. The wide range of exposure period facilitates high sensitivity at various integration modes. The image can be transmitted to a variety of outputs devices, such as video monitor, recorder, printer or computer (using optional PC-700).

Direct Computer interface (option)
The LIS-700 is able to transfer a full resolution image directly to a PC, for storage and analysis, using ISA or PCI bus cards (optional). These cards save the need for an additional frame grabber and provides a digital image with no reduction in image quality. The image can be stored as a file and may be used by documentation and analysis software.

User-Friendly system
The LIS-700 offers flexible connection between the camera-head and the control unit. A user-friendly On-Screen-Menu controls the camera's operation functions. For quick setting, the camera can be pre-programmed, using five preset buttons, to store all different operational combinations.

Technical Specifications

Number of Pixels 795(H)x596(V) CCIR
811(H)x508(V) EIA
Pick-up Element Interline Transfer hyper-Had