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Israel Start-Up Bio-Medical Projects are Waiting for Investments

Unique Self-Propelling Medical Endoscope

Technology: Self-Propelling Endoscope (medical, veterinary, industrial).

Features & benefits of medical application:
world-first commercially viable method of navigating the entire gastro-intestinal tract
● wide variety of possible additional applications in small intestine click here.
conduct of procedures within the large and small intestines
navigation with lower operator skill level,
reduced procedure time,
facilitated single-use disposable gastrointestinal endoscopes
eliminating cross contamination
prospective non-sedated procedures
houses all functionality of traditional endoscopes
variable speed, ability to stop-start, reposition, reverse

Development status:
Prototype of hydraulic device successfully animal tested
Scientific human tests underway; preliminary test successful

The Company is looking for investment for the final stage of the project. For contact click here.   The topic on the forum to discuss...

Biological Rejuvenation of Higher Animals and Humans

Technology: Company offers a principally new method of human rejuvenation by renewal of connective tissue � the internal environment of the human body cells.
The method include two applications:
The general biological rejuvenation of human body by an intravenous injection of the new mixture of enzymes and biological active factors that stimulate the replacement of the old connective tissue proteins (basically collagen) by the new young ones.
The local biological rejuvenation of human skin by a new composite enzymatic rejuvenated agent (Cream/Gel or water solution). This agent leads to the destruction of the old intercellular proteins (collagen and proteoglicans) and their replacement by the new young once.

   The Company has performed the first stage of the study - pre-clinical animal experiments. The action of the agent that destroys old collagen on the important index rejuvenation effect and increase the oxygen consumption, was verified.
Therefore, the first stage of experimental testing demonstrate the positive results and is promising for capability of the artificially rejuvenation effect.
   The company is looking for investments for the completion of animal stage study on general rejuvenation and skin rejuvenation as well.
For contact click here. The topic on the forum to discuss...

Unique Device for Early Prediction of the Pulmonary Edema

Technology: Pulmonary Edema Monitor (PEM) is a world�s first non-invasive medical device that changes fundamentally the Pulmonary Edema (PED) treatment concept. Instead of treatment aimed at the developed clinical stage of PED, our strategy is its prevention. PED is an excessive accumulation of liquid in the lungs, which represents a serious risk of death and causes considerable suffering of patients. The situation could be improved significantly if PED treatment starts at the early stage. It is possible only by monitoring patients at risk of PED continuously.
   The availability of PEM will change this situation radically and predict PED without false negative or false positive cases and send signal telemetrically to the appropriate medical personnel. Treatment that started before the appearance of the PED clinical signs according to PEM's indication prevents its development.

Innovative Aspects and Main Advantages:
The device ensures stable and accurate results of monitoring patients without PED in hospitals, outpatient clinics and home
The device is suitable for prediction of PED before appearance of clinical signs, early enough for treatment and prevention of PED     development
The device allows controlling and monitoring the results of medical treatment
Zero False Readings in early prediction of Pulmonary Edema
Low cost

   Pulmonary Edema Monitor received the Gold Medal and Diploma at IENA 2004, International Exhibition "Ideas-Invention�New Products, Nurnberg", Germany.
The Company is looking for investment for the final stage of the project. For contact click here.     The topic on the forum to discuss...
Unique Surgical Stapler

Problem: Current surgical staplers are the subject of numerous adverse events
8-9,000 adverse events per year in US alone (FDA) ,14.3% suture line separations; 32.1% staples not forming and 30% device failures
patient outcomes include anastomosis failure, sepsis, repeat surgery and bleeding

Solution: The new developed stapler has been specifically designed to ameliorate the problems with existing staplers, by:
Delivering enough staples to seal graft in one action
Improving stapler shaft design which allows use of the stapler in keyhole surgery, limiting trauma and reducing the likelihood of bleeding
Using �smart� alloys that do not require an opposite force and tighten automatically post insertion, which reduce trauma, bleeding and increase seal strength

Procedures in which the new vascular stapler could be used include:
coronary artery bypass grafts,
aortic aneurysm repair,
heart valve replacement,
vascular anastomosis

Current Development and Status.
Initially focussed on vascular stapling
Numerous prototypes for various applications being developed
Base versions successfully bench and animal trialled
Sutures, stapler and adhesive market US$2.2 billion p.a. worldwide in 2004 (Frost & Sullivan)

The Company is looking for investment for the final stage of the project. For contact click here.      The topic on the forum to discuss...

New Drug for Treatment of Atherosclerosis

Technology: Prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis are based on decreasing the total cholesterol (TC) and low density lipoprotein (LDL) concentrations in the patient's blood.    
   One of the ways to achieve this effect is increasing hepatic cholesterol excretion mainly in the form of bile acid. Suggested drug is a world first chemical compound for direct stimulation of cholesterol excretion from liver with bile and excrement. All the existing medicines for stimulation of cholesterol excretion act indirectly in the intestines by feedback regulatory mechanism.
   It is known that the thyroid hormone triiodothyronine (T3) plays an important role in cholesterol metabolism. There are two additional derivatives of T3 with the similar properties   that can be synthesized. The stimulation of cholesterol (bile acid) excretion is one of the main mechanisms of this process. In addition, T3 increases HDL and inhibits cholesterol and LDL synthesis in liver. These effects also impede the development of atherosclerosis. However, T3 administration in doses necessary for achievement of these results causes hyperthyroidism with may cause serious heart injury.
   The team of researchers synthesized a new derivate of T3 that retains its effect for increasing the cholesterol elimination in liver with bile but has no toxicity.
Results: The required agent was synthesized in the form of a yellowish powder sparingly soluble in water. The proposed structure of the compound was validated by physical and chemical methods. Its effectiveness in stimulating cholesterol excretion and the absence of thyrotoxic effects were attested by laboratory experiments with white mice. The proposed product is patentable; a patent application has been prepared.
      There are all reasons to believe that a drug, like T3, will have a combined effect: it will increase the HDL level in blood and enhance cholesterol excretion in bile and feces, as well as inhibit cholesterol and LDL synthesis in liver.
The agent prototype received the Bronze Medal and Diploma at IENA 2002, International Exhibition "Ideas-Invention�New Products" in Nurnberg, Germany.
Company is looking for investment for the intermediate stages of the project. For contact click here.       The topic on the forum to discuss...