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Igor Guro,
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Let's work together

This article on the forum

You are Welcome to IsraMed.Info Server - the virtual working prototype of Israel Medical Equipment Market that brings together on a common platform  suppliers, buyers, exporters, importers, hospitals, clinics ,manufacturers, biomedical companies,  venture capital funds, associations, academic and research institutions, as well as doctors, engineers, researchers, biotechnologists etc.

Our web  market repeats in details its real parent, as well surpasses it in every way:
►allowing sellers quickly and easily creating on-line catalogs,
►using free access to all possible data formats (text, graphics, video, HTML, individual web design, interactive HTML documents etc.),
►connecting to various external resources.

Customers search for suppliers and products by all possible criterias, convert the search results by one click to group request and send it immediately to the suppliers for receiving price or information . Being together with data storage and carried out through the private posts, e-mail, SMS beeper, fax, interactive HTML documents, this data multicasting  exchange also open up new great opportunities in the using, exploiting and servicing of medical equipment.

Israel is one of the leading countries in development and use of advanced biotechnology, with highly developed infrastructure and research facilities, staffed by highly qualified engineers,  researchers and scientists. The studies carry out both in the numerous research organizations and public medical institutions by doctors and professors.
We are glad to invite the researcher and innovators for joining to our Open Forum Internet Community, sharing experiences, finding like-minded people and promoting your ideas and projects. The doctors, investigators, engineers, patent lawyers, potential investors may identify patent capable ideas, turn them into patents and promote from the initial to final stages of the project.
That is why we has created a group that includes specialists  with especial  knowledge and techniques for solving  such kind of inventive problems. During tens years they have solved the hundreds different problems, created the dozens of new technologies, trained engineers and cooperated with Israel Military Industry, Israel Aircraft Industry, Rafael, Mekorot, MTRE, Hanita, Semi-Conductor Devices, Bar-Tan and many more famous companies including Biotechnology field.
Therefore, such Open Forum Internet Community may grow technologies from their conception till the mature stage. We present on the Home Page the several of such start-up technologies and projects for your discussion on the forum.

So, Let's work together. It will be more effective, faster, cheapper.

The topics on the forum to discuss :

Israel Start-Up Bio-Medical Projects are Waiting for Investments

Unique Self-Propelling Medical Endoscope
Biological Rejuvenation of Higher Animals and Humans
Unique Device for Early Prediction of the Pulmonary Edema
Unique Surgical Stapler
New Drug for Treatment of Atherosclerosis