Possible applications in gastroenterology – particularly small intestine

▼  Diagnostics and treatment of ulcerative colitis.
▼  Diagnostics and treatment of Crohn’s disease.
▼  Diagnostics and treatment of GI diverticulosis.
▼  Diagnostics and treatment of intestinal polyps.
▼  Diagnostics and treatment of familial polyposis.
▼  Diagnostics and management of small intestine obstructions.
▼  Diagnostics and management of congenital narrowing of small bowel.
▼  Intubation of small and large intestine in the management of acute peritonitis, toxic colon, etc.
▼  Diagnostics and removal of foreign bodies from small intestine (bones, needles, coins, etc).
▼  Diagnostics and management of small bowel sphincter incompetence.
▼  Diagnostics and management of acute intoxications (poisons, solvents, acids, drugs, etc).
▼  Small and large bowel resections from “inside’ the bowel using Endogene’s stapler technology
▼  Diagnostics and treatment of relatively rare diseases like GI tuberculosis, Whipple’s disease, etc.
▼  Early diagnosis and follow up of bowel cancers and other tumours such as intestinal neoplasm, adenocarcinoma, leiomyoma, etc.
▼  Diagnostics and management of occult GI bleeding.
▼  Diagnostics and treatment of different types of GI malabsorption such as coeliac disease.
▼  Detection of small and large bowel metastases of malignant melanoma and other cancers in pre-operative assessment.